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Cooepte the Cat

by Preeya, age 11 Preeya loves cats but unfortunately is not allowed to have one, so her friend, Alexandra contacted…

Busy as a bee

Polly Peanut Butter Bee by Joel She was a bee who didn’t like honey,Polly thought it tasted funny,She felt like…

I am still sewing softies.

Whew! Child’s Own Studio just rode a wave of internet attention and I received lots of new facebook fans, media…


Four year old Addison’s drawing of a poodle is remarkably coherent. I used a combination of cuddly soft pink fabric…

Back to school

…and back to studio projects…! Still working away on my wait list. Please check out the softie maker showcase if you are…

A memory

Two-sided fish by Norah, age 10 by Miller, age 6 “Bob” by Isla, age 4 “He needs a haircut.” by…