Custom Stuffed Animals from Drawing – Softie Selfie

We Turn Photos or Selfies into Custom Dolls

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    Personalized dolls from your selfies or images.

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    Superhero or your favorite character look alike doll.

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    Special moments into custom dolls

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    A perfect gift for every ocassion

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Handmade customized plush dolls from selfies and images of your loved ones

What could be more personalized and intimate than holding a unique huggable look alike version of your loved one or your favorite character. Yes, with Child’s Own, get your very own customized plush doll designed from your selfie or loved one’s image and keep a mini version of them with you forever.

Look alike doll of your kids into their favorite attire

Selfie of your kid's into their favorite altire

Funny plush dolls
Look alike dolls

A life time companion

Look alike doll of your kids.

Custom plush doll of your kid

Memorable gift for your family & friends, co-workers and loved ones

Kid's look a like plush doll

Perfect gift for your family & friends

A memorable gift option for co-work

Dad dolls
Doll that looks like me

Huggable look alike version of yourself.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to get your Softie Selfie

There is beauty in simplicity! Perfect things are not that hard to find and at Child’s Own, our craftsmen ensure that planning and designing a perfect gift for your loved one is a simple and fun-filled process. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

Step 1 of custom plushie making process

Step 1

Share a selfie/image of your loved one or your favorite character

Step 2 of custom plushie making process

Step 2

Our artisans will explore the fabric, colours, shapes and elements to impeccably match the shared image.

Step 3 of custom plushie making process

Step 3

Finally, with your help and inputs, we will create your tailored plush doll, a memorable gift for your special one.

selfie doll

Foster a stronger connect with your loved one with Child’s Own Unique Plush doll!

Express your love with our unique plush dolls, created to perfectly match your selfie or favorite character's image, and offer your beloved an unforgettable experience that they will cherish for life. Our exclusively designed Softie Selfie will make for a memorable gift for your special one. Even if you are a frontline fighter posted at the country's borders or an international level sportsperson representing the nation around the world, with Child’s Own Softie Selfie your loved one can go to sleep with your look alike doll by their side every night.

selfie doll

Child’s Own Softie Selfie are made from safe, non-toxic materials and are completely kid friendly. We guarantee durability and endurance of our plush dolls, so that your dearest ones can take it along with them on all their adventures.

Customer Testimonial

"Check-out what our customers have to say about our work"

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I am extremely happy with how it looks! My daughter is going to flip out she will be so excited.

kids drawing to softie

Male Solo Dragon (United State)

Christina Bailey

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He is so AMAZING! She is going to love it! Thank you so much for everything.

Custom plushies from kids drawing

M.R.G (United States)

Charles Gibson

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The toy looks great, you have my son’s approval.

Drawing to plush

Ninja Cat Dinasour (United States)

Jessica Rafuse

We can convert any drawing into stuffed animals, your plushie companion for life

From children's drawings to mythical creatures, from book characters to any anime character, from images to any captured moment you cherish, our expert team of artisans can transform anything into a personalized stuffed doll, designed to embed every last bit of details shared by you.

Hard to believe? Try us now!

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