Softie Creator Pack for Little Artists

Use our beautifully designed creator pack, create a sketch or stuffed animal with your kid, upload it to our website and get your Softie / Stuffed animal created using the Voucher Code inside the kit. You can also redeem the voucher for any sketch, photo, doodle or illustration, no matters it’s years old artwork or the one you have just created RIGHT AWAY!

Hurry and Grab the Deal – Pay the price for a standard softie i.e., $99 and get the softie creator kit (FREE).

Includes all the essentials you need to start creating your plushie

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    Help children to express their creativity

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    One of a kind gift for your little one

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    Perfect gift for all occasion – even for last minute rush (immediately dispatched)

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    Designed for children of Age 3+

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    Free 4" Childsown's mascot keychain

Select your kit

Select your kit

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Softie Creator Kit

(No Voucher Inside)
best seller


With 16"

Softie Voucher

(worth $174)
best seller


With 30"

Softie Voucher

(worth $229)



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Insider of Softie Creator Kit


Colouring book

For your kids to draw his imaginations


Colouring pencils

To make imaginations more colourful


Softie Create Voucher

Convert your kid’s masterpiece into a cuddly plushie. Upload the masterpiece and redeem your voucher.


Beny the Owl

Beny the Owl is our mascot, comes with the kit to be friend with your kid.

Steps to Redeem the Voucher

4 simple steps to get home your very own custom stuffed plush

step 1

Step 1

Use Softie creator kit and get your kid to draw his imagination on the colouring book

step 2

Step 2

Take a picture of it and upload it on the website

step 3

Step 3

Use the voucher code at the cart / check out page

step 4

Step 4

All set! Place the order and your kid’s companion is ready to meet its new friend.

Why Does our Softie Creator Kit make it a Perfect Gift?

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    It encourages your kids to be creative and draw his/her imaginations

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    Fun and creative experience for your kid to cherish

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    Contains everything you kids need to draw his/her first masterpiece

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    One of a kind gift box for children of age 3+

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    A perfect gift for every occasion – perfect for rush time

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    No waiting, immediately dispatched

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