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How creating bespoke plush versions of your book's characters will pique readers' attention

By, ChildsOwn

1. Brand Recognition

One of the best ways to promote a brand, story, or character is by creating a tangible product for your readers that they can relate to. Turning a book character into a custom plush will give your readers something physical that connects them with the characters from your story and helps create a familiarity with them. This will help build recognition for your book, thus increasing reader engagement and interest.

2. Unique keepsake

Custom plush toys of your book characters are an excellent way for readers to keep their connection with the story long after they have finished reading it. They offer something personal and unique that readers can treasure and makes them feel appreciated as loyal fans of your work.

3. Increase customer loyalty

By offering such special memorabilia of your book’s characters as custom plushies, you can increase customer loyalty between yourself and potential readers by giving them a tangible item linked to the stories they love so much. Having something physical like this not only shows gratitude towards fans but also creates an emotional connection with them that other marketing methods may not be able to provide.

4. Reach new customers

Providing customers with merchandise provides an opportunity for you to reach more people who may not have had any prior knowledge or interest in your book before seeing the product advertised or in stores. Seeing familiar faces on unique merch could be just what they need to start talking about it among friends and family, therefore expanding customer base with one simple item!

5. Showcase creativity

A great advantage of turning your characters into custom plush toys is being able to showcase how creative and talented you are! Rather than physical copies of words printed on paper, you’re instead providing creative 3D models of what would otherwise remain in viewers’ imagination - thus making it easier for buyers, who are already familiar with your work, to invest in both fan merchandise and future books as well!

6. Increase Sales

Having customized plush dolls available will allow you reach out potential customers who may not even have heard about the series before viewings these products elsewhere - making many people likely purchase additional merchandise such as books too! Not only does this provide an amazing opportunity for financial gain but it also help build hype over upcoming books too which then leads to increased sales yay!

7. Create memories

Your custom-made plush toys offer readers/fans an excellent way to keep strong memories alive from past storylines ––whether these memories take place from within novels or from movie/TV series adaptations––and share these experiences with others through pictures or gifts alike; making sure future generations remember beloved characters with ease and none-forgetful stories remain intact throughout years come by!

So what are you waiting for? Transform your book character into a huggable custom plush!