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Four a Week

by Esme, age 5 Esme’s bunny has super duper sonic bionic ears… by Keadryn, age 4 “This is Sonny Li’l…

Where Princesses Dream

One of my earliest memories was begging my mother to draw The Pretty Lady. With pen or pencil in her…

Mia’s birthday

“Hello there,” I said. “Who are you?” he asked, his eyes trying to focus on me. “A friend,” I answered…

Samantha the cat

“One. Two. One. Two.” “What are you doing?” I asked the little colourful cat strutting on my table. “I’m practicing.…


by Mirza, age 5 ” Beep, beep,” his blue lights flashed, then his black eyes blinked, twice. “Hello,” I said,…

The Gift

”Where are you going?” I asked as she walked by me. ”I think I need to bring something,” she said…

Siri and Dofreal

This was one of the rare commissions of adult drawings that I agreed to take on. Normally, I only work…

Scary the Dinosaur

Five year old Ollie was the lucky winner of the recent Child’s Own Studio contest. He sent in his drawing…

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