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Today is Very Boring

By, ChildsOwn

drawing by Lilly, age 7

Today is very boring,

it’s a very boring day,

there’s nothing much to look at,

there is nothing much to say,

there’s a peacock on my sneakers,

there’s a penguin on my head,

there’s a dormouse on my doorstep,

I am going back to bed

artwork by Lisa Maynez’ daughter, age 5

drawing by Julian, age 8

Today is very boring,

it is boring through and through,

there is absolutely nothing

I see giants riding rhinos,

and an ogre with a sword,

there’s a dragon blowing smoke rings,

I am positively bored.

drawing by Matthew, age 2

drawing by Zavary, age 5

Today is very boring,

I can hardly help but yawn,

there’s a flying saucer landing

in the middle of my lawn,

a volcano just erupted

less than half a mile away,

and I think I felt an earthquake,

it’s a very boring day.

— Poem by Jack Prelutsky

drawing by Jacob, age 10

drawing by Matthew, age 5