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Child’s Own Media Release

By, ChildsOwn

In 2007 Wendy Tsao carefully cut her first piece of coloured fabric, delicately stitched on the eyes, nose, mouth and other features to ensure her creation mirrored exactly the masterpiece her four year old son had drawn on a piece of paper.

In doing so, she set in motion a creative phenomenon and produced the very first Child’s Own Softie. A plush, soft toy that would turn into a global demand which far outweighed Wendy’s ability to produce these one off, custom designs on her own.

Fast forward nine years and these amazing, unique Softies are now accessible to children around the world through the establishment of a dedicated Artisans workshop and a new user friendly website

Training a dedicated team of passionate artisans, Wendy has ensured the personal touches and unique designs which made Child’s own Softies so popular have been maintained.

“I am very pleased and excited to see Child’s Own growing and continuing to celebrate children’s art, creating artistic, cuddly keepsakes to be cherished for a lifetime.” Wendy Tsao

Child’s Own Director Alex Blois-Brooke saying the decision to upgrade to state of the art design and Softie creation facilities along with the launch of the website had been done in close consultation with the company’s founder.

“We are extremely proud of the new developments and as a team we are dedicated to encouraging more young children around the world along with those young at heart to put down their tablets and smart phones and express themselves through art.” Alex said.

“Wendy’s continued involvement has been crucial throughout the development of the new artisan headquarters and the revamped Child’s Own website and at all times we have strictly adhered to the qualities and protocols followed since the creation of that first Softie”

The new child’s own global website allows users to bring their drawings, paintings, sketches and photographs to life through the creation of a one off, custom Softie.

The creation process is completed in just three easy steps with delivery of custom Softies complete with personalized ownership papers expected within three weeks of artwork being received.

The new Child’s Own site also offers Softie Selfie’s and Softie Pets.

Child’s Own ship globally.