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Scary the Dinosaur

By, ChildsOwn

Five year old Ollie was the lucky winner of the recent Child’s Own Studio contest. He sent in his drawing of Scary the Dinosaur, with his notes: ”Arms a bit thicker but the same colour. The red in his mouth is his tongue. The part at the back is a tail. There was meant to be a spike also on the right foot similar to the spike on the left foot but I forgot (in case it needs to brake, it puts it into the ground, in case it’s going to fall down somewhere like on a cliff) ”

by Oliver McDougall, age 5

Ollie was also recovering from paper wasp stings on his face (poor kid!) so I was happy to make this softie to cheer him up.

The first time I made the head, it looked too much like a duck and not deserving of the name Scary the Dinosaur, so I went back and added teeth to the top part of the mouth (not drawn, but I applied my artistic licence). The jaws worked much better this way. And Scary looked much more impressive.

He’s on his way, Ollie! May he protect you from paper wasps and the other wild creatures in Australia!