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The best part of the Story

By, ChildsOwn

by Caydon, age 4.

This was Caydon’s drawing of his 3 week old baby brother. What a spirited little guy, with exactly three black strands of hair.

by Eva, age 9

Eva loves drawing pretty princesses in soft purple gowns, and now has a sweet doll to play out her childhood dreams.

by Evelyn, age 5 and Torbin, age 3

Young Torbin was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He and his sister Evelyn worked on a drawing so that I could make a strength toy for him. Unfortunately, Pink Cat got tangled up in a bit of yarn.

by Gaby, age 7

Gaby drew this while she was fighting her cancer – and lost – five years ago. To find out about her amazing last wish, please visit The Gaby Davis Foundation. I received this drawing earlier this year from Gaby’s mother, Tanya, who got on my wait list. I’d been thinking about helping children who have to deal with this battle, and I think it was another Great Coincidence that Tanya reached out to me with Gaby’s drawing.

by Hunter, age 5

Don’t you love Hunter’s guy, with his red sweater and matching red mohawk?

by Jonah, age 8

J is for Jonah. I needed to use a little hair product ( glue ) to style his hair just so.

by Leiana, age 5

I had a couple of “Daddy” portraits sent to me this month, this one by Leiana whose drawing rendered a very likeable softie of her bespectacled dad.

by maya, age 4.

This dad loves his daughter’s drawing of him, with his straggly beard and favorite Kansas State University t-shirt.

by Tom, age 4.

Finally, this one’s by Tom, a drawing he made after he learned he was going to have a baby brother. He was so excited. For him, everything was perfect.