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I am still sewing Softies

By, ChildsOwn

Whew! Child’s Own Studio just rode a wave of internet attention and I received lots of new facebook fans, media attention, e-mails and requests for interviews and high resolution images. I’m NOT complaining (it’s all good) but it inevitably ate into my softie-making time. I need to grow another pair of arms!

Someone sent me an e-mail asking, ” Why did you stop working? I wish to see more from you!” I apologize for not posting more frequently and sharing my projects – sorry!

I had some slightly more challenging projects, which took me a little longer to figure out and execute, like Kaylee’s monster which entailed “rug-hooking” the furry mop of hair. But still fun, oh so fun, all of it! The children’s wonderful drawings have, as usual, yielded heart-warming stuffed characters. Here are some recent projects.

by Alexandra, age 4
by Christian, age 10
by Collin, age 5

by Hana, age 7
by Kaylee, age 2
by Francesca, age 5

by Waverly, age 10
by Jana, age 6