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Four a Week

By, ChildsOwn

by Esme, age 5

Esme’s bunny has super duper sonic bionic ears…

by Keadryn, age 4

“This is Sonny Li’l Bad Guy, Keadryn’s imaginary friend who goes on extreme adventures. One day he is in the Alps and one day he is in Africa. Currently he is in the middle east. He’s hard to keep track of. ” (Jeff, Keadryn’s uncle)

by Olivia, age 8

by Desiderata, age 8

Desiderata had started doodling a candle flame, but it gradually turned into a seahorse with pouty lips and long hair (that can get wild sometimes).

by Cade, age 10

Cade loves to draw fantastic, powerful creatures, like this dragon, named Cartonthorus.