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Busy as a Bee

By, ChildsOwn


Polly Peanut Butter Bee by Joel

She was a bee who didn’t like honey,
Polly thought it tasted funny,
She felt like a loser,
She felt like a fake,
But honey was something
She didn’t want to make.

Award-winning tale and illustrations by Joel

by Bryce, age 33 months

About a year ago, 33 month old Bryce drew this on the sidewalk with purple chalk, calling it “monster”. His father was pretty impressed by the drawing and sent it to me, with some colour suggestions. He wondered if his son would recognize it in softie form. Bryce recognized it immediately, calling it a monster, but unfortunately, he didn’t want anything to do with it! (luckily, his brother wanted it, and so it all worked out.)

by Eileen, age 8

This sweet creature has soft pink fur and pretty sharp teeth.

by Jayme, age 5

Jayme loves her great aunt’s dog named Mika. Mika normally has one ear down, as some dogs do, and a distinctive white beard, as some dogs do.

by Maya, age 4

“This is “Stobbayew” the Bunny. She’s a 6 legged rabbit (because the more legs they have, the more they can hop!) with a flair for colour. She also lays eggs. She was created by my daughter Maya, age 4. And there is a face on there…it’s just hard to see. Her eyes and mouth are pink, and her nose is green.” Melissa, Maya’s mom

by Zoe, age 5

5 year-old Zoe painted this self-portrait and she is as cute in real life- I’ve seen photos.

by Piper, age 5

Piper is a young artist smitten with the tale of Rapunzel. This doll’s tangle-free, long tresses will keep Piper occupied for many hours, learning the fine art of braiding.

by Cole, age 4

Jeanne contacted me with her 4 year old nephew’s drawing of a 4-armed robot monster. Jeanne informed me that Cole is a fan of Where the Wild things Are, and encouraged me to use “interesting” fabric combinations. I went with a furry animal print/ metallic robot combo with some spots of colour, and I think he turned out to be a pretty cool dude, Mr Robot Monster.

I had a lot of fun working on these projects, and I am slowly and steadily making my way through my wait list. If you would like to be kept abreast of my news and when I will be taking new orders, please “like” Child’s Own Studio on facebook or subscribe to this blog.

Have a great week!