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Before and After CONTEST

By, ChildsOwn

by Maya, age 12

Child’s Own Studio is growing, sometimes in very subtle ways. I want to give a shout of thanks to Laure and Kevin for their hard work.

“What…” you ask, “is she talking about?”

Well, let me throw it back at you. This is a Contest for my dear subscribers, followers and facebook fans. Find three(3)major changes –which occurred within the last two days– on the Child’s Own website (not including this blog post ) and post your answer in the comment section below. One comment per person, please. Those who submitted correct answers will be eligible for a Child’s Own custom made softie based on a child’s drawing. The Winner will be picked randomly. ( Laure, Kevin and Softie-makers are not eligible for the contest. ) Contest ends noon on April 5th, 2012 (Vancouver), at which time, I will pick the winner.

Good Luck!!

Stegie off to school

**** HINT: you have to look around the site (click on some of the other pages)

*****UPDATE*******CONTEST RESULTS************

I’ve removed the comments that had incorrect answers. Some of them were really close, like 2/3 correct. It was interesting for me to see what people noticed and did not notice. I had removed the FAQ and How to Order pages, but almost three weeks ago, when I stopped taking new orders. The flickr photostream, the pic of me with my son in a grocery cart and the facebook widgets were always there, but many readers missed them because they got pushed almost out of sight, when viewed from an ipad or mobile.

The biggest changes on my website are found on the Softie maker Showcase – I needed the help of web developers Laure and Kevin to set up the new configuration and to add the Sort By options and the Get featured section. Other subtle, but major changes include: new URL (no longer with WordPress), one blog post at a time (more user friendly), and Terms of Use at bottom of pages (which proved that no one ever looks at them).

Regretfully, things do get lost in a move. My subscribers didn’t receive e-mail notifications of the contest post, and I am now in the process of re-subscribing everyone. There will be another contest sometime in the near future, exclusively for my subscribers. If you want a chance at winning a custom made Child’s Own Studio softie based on a child’s drawing, then subscribe to Child’s Own Studio!

Okay, now to pick the winner from the nine people with correct answers, I will use the Random Pick widget: