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Our Materials and Studio

We make sure to use high quality fabrics, features and plush for every one of our Softies. All our materials have been through strict testing to guarantee their safety and quality. Our studio uses environmentally responsible materials and production techniques and we make an effort to minimise and recycle waste and use renewable sources of energy wherever possible.

What are softies made from?

Softies made at Child’s Own studio use the highest quality of fabrics and finishing. All our plush is brand new and all materials go through strict testing to ensure safety and quality.

How do you guarantee quality?

Our quality control encompasses the whole process. We inspect our fabrics as they arrive and our Softies are regularly tested to make sure they adhere to EN71 Standards (European Union Standards) along with ASTM F963 (USA).

Is my Softie machine washable?

Child’s Own Softies are not machine washable but a light spot clean should do the trick!

Can I order any accessories for my Softie?

We have Softie Birth Certificates available for USD $5 per Softie.

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