Custom Stuffed Animals from Kid’s Favorite Artworks and Drawings

Make your child's drawings come alive with a unique, custom-made stuffed animal!

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    Personalized stuffed animals made from their own designs

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    Perfect gift for your little one

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    Awesome way to show your appreciation and make their drawing come to life!

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    Handmade with love and crafted to your exact specifications

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At our company, custom stuffed animals are made from kid's drawings! We only use toxic-free and safe materials, along with hypoallergenic stuffing and super soft Polyester plush fabric. We create these cuddly critters in two sizes — 16" standard and 25" big. Normally it takes 4 weeks to make the plushie, but please note that this time might vary depending on the number of orders we currently have. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation page including an accurate delivery date. We are proud to say, operating globally, we have delivered over 100,000 custom stuffed animals to happy customers in more than 48 countries around the world!

Stuffed animals for happy cusstomers globally

Custom-made stuffed animals from a child's artwork, a great way to empower your little one and boost their self-confidence

If you’re looking to preserve your kids’ artwork in a unique and special way, try creating stuffed animals from it. Your child's creations can become customized stuffed animals that will bring immense joy for years to come. Doing so will not only provide treasurers for children and their families, it also has more profound benefits for the creative development of your child. Creating stuffed animal replicas from their artwork helps build self-confidence and self-motivated learning--valued skills that last far beyond childhood.

Custom-made stuffed animals from a child's artwork
Custom-made stuffed animals from a child's artwork
Stuffed animal as one of a kind personalized gift

Personalized and unique, one of a kind gift that your kid will cherish forever

Give a personalized gift that will be treasured for years to come with a unique stuffed animal from Child's Own. Whether you choose a beloved character from their artwork or create your own, this special item is sure to bring joy to any recipient and provide them with something unlike anything else out there. Let the magic of gifting take over as your little one discovers this one-of-a-kind surprise!

Stuffed animal as one of a kind personalized gift

Increase the size of your personalized softie and add other exciting add-ons (Check softie add-ons in the order form)

  • Bring your favorite memories to life with custom stuffed animals made from your kid’s own drawing or artwork! Our expert designers and artisans will craft a plush toy that captures every detail of your treasured moment. For an especially cuddly companion, be sure to select the big-size option (25") on our softie create order form so that your custom stuffed animal comes out extra-huggable!

A keepsake from you to your child

Custom stuffed animals are a wonderful way to help children explore their own creativity and form a strong bond between parent and child. Not only do they make great bedtime companions, but they can also be taken along with them wherever they go - making it easy for parents to stay connected even when apart. Plus, customizing the stuffed animal in unique colours and designs offers an additional level of personalization that traditional toys can't match!

Stuffed animal as a keepshake for your child
Stuffed animal as a keepshake for your child

Frequently asked questions

Q: What types of drawings can I submit for bringing to life as plushies?

A: We happily accept any masterpiece your kids have created for transformation into plushies.

Q: What are the available sizes for the plushies you offer?

A: Our plushies come in two standard sizes: (a) 16 inches and (b) 25 inches. If you have a specific size in mind, we can customize the plushie according to your preference, provided it is not below 6 inches.

Q: Will I get a chance to preview the final product before it is shipped?

A: Certainly! We will share images of the finished product with you for approval. Only after receiving your approval, we proceed with shipping the product.

Q: Can I wash the plushies if they get dirty?

A: While we don't recommend machine washing the plushies, they can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth, which should effectively clean them up.

For more inquiries, please don't hesitate to visit our support page or submit a ticket. Our team has brought thousands of kids' artwork to life, and you can get a glimpse of some of these masterpieces in our gallery. Take a look and be inspired!

We can convert any drawing into stuffed animals, your plushie companion for life

From children's drawings to mythical creatures, from book characters to any anime character, from images to any captured moment you cherish, our expert team of artisans can transform anything into a personalized stuffed doll, designed to embed every last bit of details shared by you.

Hard to believe? Try us now!

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