Book Character Stuffed Animals – Custom-made

Bring beloved storybook characters to life in the form of a huggable stuffed animal!

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    100% one-of-a-kind stuffed animals

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    Designed to capture every character’s unique features

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    Make huggable, loveable version of your book's beloved characters

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    Customize the colours and fabrics of your character’s outfit!

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Bring your favorite book character to life in the form of a lovable custom plush

Who wouldn't want their favorite fictional character to go on forever? Thanks to stuffed animals of well-known book characters, children can now maintain a connection to their favorite fictional friends even after putting the book down. Children can use these unique cuddly buddies to transport their favorite fictional characters into the real world and hang onto them for all time while they get lost in their imaginations.

wonderfull words book character plushies

At Child’s Own Studio, we bring your favorite book character to life that helps creating stronger bond between reader and character!

Custom stuffed animals of your book characters – bulk production

Bring your beloved children's stories to life with custom plush toys of the book characters! Whether it's just a single toy for a showcase, or bulk orders for an interactive experience, our production is tailored to fit your needs.

book character plush

We can also ship internationally for large bulk orders, so no matter where you want to go – we can go there too!

book character plush
create plushies of your favorite book character

Readers will love the plush version of book characters

Bring your book's characters to life with custom-made plushies! Giving children the opportunity to hold the characters from their favorite stories will foster a deeper connection to those characters. Our plush production services can build unique and eye-catching stuffed animals in bulk for your story, leaving readers with a lasting impression of your book.

create plushies of your favorite book character

Commonly asked question about book characters production

  • What is the difference between a custom softie and a sample plush production

    If you are looking to order 1 piece or a few pieces for promotional activities and would not need bulk production of your book character then we recommend to place an order for custom buddy here – Order Custom Softie. If you would require bulk producing of your book character, then please go for sample plush production. You could also generate instant quote using our bulk quotation AI tool.

    When you order a sample plush, we store the pattern and a clone of the plush so if in case you wish to produce it in bulk you won’t have to place the order again and it also make sure that sample and bulk production always look same. If in case you order custom softie, we do not store the pattern and the clone of it and next time you must reorder if you need mass producing of the same character.

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Children fall in love with their favorite book character

Bring your book character to life through custom plushies! Your readers, especially children, will fall in love with this physical representation of the beloved characters they know so well. Providing them with a lasting connection to your story, owning a stuffed animal of their favourite characters will add an extra special touch to the reading experience - so why wait any longer? Get started today!

kalis travel book character
kalis travel book character

We can convert any drawing into stuffed animals, your plushie companion for life

From children's drawings to mythical creatures, from book characters to any anime character, from images to any captured moment you cherish, our expert team of artisans can transform anything into a personalized stuffed doll, designed to embed every last bit of details shared by you.

Hard to believe? Try us now!

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