Softiemaker Showcase

Just Cuddle
Europe $45 - $110
Cwtch Club
UK $60 (starting price)
The Little Bo Baby Company
South Africa $35 (starting price)
Creative Cozies
USA $95 (starting price)
Bumble Bug Originals
USA $75 (starting price)
Le Petit Creations
USA $65-$120
Europe $60 (starting price)
UK $57 (starting price)
K Boutique
USA $65 (starting price)
My Own Cuddly
USA $80-130
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  EXPLANATION / DISCLAIMER These independent craft artists are not affiliated with Child’s Own Studio and have paid a fee to be listed here. Images shown are samples produced by the talented people who live and work in locations around the world. Each craft artist has her/his own distinct business website, pricing, submission guidelines and terms. Prices shown are Starting Prices or Price range for their custom work.