From bunnies to self-portraits to mermaids to monsters and more, Child’s Own Studio has custom made hundreds of personal soft toys from children’s drawings.  Each project is documented in a photographic record at Flickr.  If you are interested in using images from the flickr photostream, you may do so but please add a link to Child’s Own Studio.  If you are wondering if you can get larger image files, please contact me at

43 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE this concept, how imaginative, I can just imagine my children’s faces the next time they draw me something and then a few months later I can hand them their concept over to them in reality!! Have I told you how much I LOVE this!! lol x

  2. Agreed, I freaking love this idea!! I spread your website all over my social networks and to friends in my excitement. Quite a while till I can do this but I hope by then you are still continuing this creative, brilliant art.
    Thank you in advance!! :)

  3. I love this idea, I hope it becomes more widely avalable, it would make perfect gifts, and special memories! MILLION DOLLAR IDEA HERE!

  4. AMAZING WORK! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. One could go to Build-a-Bear Workshop or just buy any old stuffed animal for their kid, but this idea of capturing a child’s artwork and creativity into one great bundle of joy is absolutely wonderful. Will bookmark this site until my son’s birthday comes around. Keep it up! :)

  5. I came across your site when a friend added a Pin on Pinterest, what a creative and great idea. Love all the characters you’ve brought to life for little ones, mines not quite old enough to draw yet but just wanted to say these are awesome.

  6. oh wow, This is so much better than my effort to reproduce a cartoon character in felt that my daughter always drew. I made it for her for Christmas about three years ago and it was scary Same idea, but your execution of it is 10000 times better :) . Fantastic.

  7. This is the BEST idea ever! I look forward to the day when I can send in my little girls drawings! Great job!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this. I love everything about it. What a wonderful keepsake for the parents and the child. I wish I could order some for all my girls.
    I was just showing my children some of your amazing work and my six year old daughter said, “Wow, she is really talented. That’s a special gift she has to make snuggle friends for kids.”
    My daughter hit the nail on the head. You are brilliant.

  9. I have seen your site all over Facebook and am thinking you are going to be overun with orders !!!!! I think your site will be saying orders will be made within 4-6 years !!!
    Incredible idea and amazing work. Love it.

  10. What a wonderful idea. Absolute magic for young children seeing their drawings come to life. Well done

  11. This is genius~ I hope you are still doing this when my 2 1/2 year old is old enough to draw me a unique character from his imagination. Super cool idea! I hope your idea moves quickly through the internet so you are over run with work and money and able to hire help. :)

  12. You are a genius! This makes me want to learn how to sew so I can make a softie for my son when he starts learning how to draw…since it seems you will have quite a long waiting list of projects for a long long time! What an incredible idea, what incredible workmanship – your products are beautiful!

  13. This is the most awesome idea ever. The soft sculpture creations are incredible! I am a child therapist and I love this idea! Possibly the kids could even create their own with help.

  14. I ADORE what you are doing, so much! How amazingly magical this is for all the little ones everywhere! And even the “bigger kids”, too! ;)

  15. My children and I loved the cartoon : Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends….I wonder where all the imaginary friends would go after the show ended. I see now that they are here with you, bringing those friends to life. Just Amazing! Thank you!

  16. This is such a great idea for children to see their imaginations come to life, and get a new friend in the process. This can really give a child a great sense of accomplishment. Love this

  17. This is one of the most clever ideas I’ve ever seen! I’m sooo glad to have seen this post. Now I’m going to go look for some of my childrens’ artwork. You are amazingly gifted!

  18. This was a really funny Mad Magazine story back in the day. The magic here is the execution: your ability to translate those 2D imaginings to 3D sculptures is what’s to be lauded, not the idea. Great craftsmanship, vision, ingenuity in the execution- hope you are making money off of your hard work: it is top quality!

  19. This is amazing!!!! You need to get a few people on your staff because you will soon be a very busy lady!!!!

  20. You are absolutely brilliant. I honestly don’t have the words to tell you how talented you are. Every single one of your creations made me smile or laugh, and that says a lot! You are truly an inspiration to many and are making it possible for so many people to bring their children’s treasured artwork to life. Bravo! And thank you for sharing your work with us.

  21. Your talent, indeed, defies discription! I love what you’re doing. The Mashable article caught my attention today. I’m sorry to hear you’re already overwhelmed – and most certainly will be now. May all the extra or sudden attention translate into success beyond your wildest dreams, because you certainly deserve it. The joy your art brings to children (and parents) takes my breath away. Best wishes to you, Wendy! (…and thank you for what you do.)

  22. I just saw your site and you made my day! What an amazing idea to help bring the childs imagination to life! I can’t wait to keep watching your business grow!

  23. A.Maz.Ing. You have such talent! You really capture every feature of every drawing. For children to see their drawings and imaginings brought to life to hug – priceless. Congratulations on your success. Don’t let this blessing overwhelm you – just take them one at a time.

  24. Your work is absolutely amazing! I love how your imagination brings the drawings to life and that you look for the spirit of the drawing first! :) Love this!

  25. Absolutely amazing translation of design through to finished article. I’m in awe and what a wonderful gift to give. Don’t let the volumes kill your enthusiasm, I’m sure people would be willing to wait, and with this much success you might have to get staff. Hope it continues, well done for keeping magic alive.

  26. you are awesome! would have NEVER thought of doing this! I will have to send my 5 year old’s latest drawing..”a naked banana”. I am sure you could just make it perfectly!!!

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  28. I had to write when i saw your stuff today. I think it is so incredible and inspiring. I used to teach art (before having my own kids) and it really is exciting to see the creativity of these kids transformed into something they will treasure for many years. your waiting list is long so I think I may try to make something with my four year old today… wish me luck.

  29. ah! please keep doing this until my child can draw! He/she isn’t even here yet, but when he/she can hold a crayon and make something on paper I’m sending it right to you!! Your work is amazing!!