Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you still making these softies from children’s drawings?

R. Yes!  I am working through my 2013 wait list.  I post my projects on this website about once a month.  If you subscribe, you’ll get regular email notifications whenever I post.

Q. How much does it cost?

R. My pricing ranges between $90 and $140 plus shipping, depending on the level and number of details in the child’s drawing. Shipping charges (postage and handling) are $20 for Canadian and U.S. destinations, and for international destinations, a shipping quote will be supplied. All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.

Q. How do I get on your 2014 wait list?

R.  My advice is subscribe to this website (form is on the homepage, below the facebook badge).  Then it`s a bit of luck of the draw.  On January 12, 2013, I posted an announcement on this website that I was ready to accept names and gave instructions on how to get on the wait list.  In 3 hours, I received over 200 submissions, enough to keep me busy for more than a year.  

Q.  I subscribed but didn’t get any email notifications.

R. Yes, I’ve heard that complaint a few times.  This is outside my power and expertise, I’m afraid. (maybe the WordPress Poltergeist is playing tricks on you?) I do post about once a month, and if you find that you are not getting any notifications, then you should try re-subscribing and checking that you are actually subscribed. Sometimes Child’s Own Studio email notifications end up in spam/junkmail folders.   Also, being a facebook fan doesn’t guarantee that you will get my news in your news feed.

Q. I`d like information about advertising on the SOFTIEMAKER SHOWCASE.

R.  Great!  Please contact me and I`ll send you the details.

Q. How big is the soft toy?

R. It varies, but they’re usually around 14″-17″ inches long.

Q. What are the toys made of?

R.  I use a wide range of fabrics that include cotton solids and prints, fleece, cuddleluscious (really, it’s actually called that), upholstery fabric, flannels, etc. The soft toys are stuffed with new, hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill.

Q. Will you make trademarked characters?

R. No.  While I have occasionally made one in the past, I will no longer make trademarked characters. Sorry!

Q. Do you take any drawing?

R.  No.  I don’t take any drawing.  There is no age limit, but I have a strong preference for children’s hand-drawn and hand-coloured, original artwork.  When I see the drawing, I will let you know if I am able to work with it or not.   

Q. How do you clean the soft toys?

R. It’s best to spot clean them. Use a damp face cloth and blot out stains.