The Child's Own Story

Children's imaginations have always inspired us. How every child chooses to express themselves and their thoughts, ideas and interpretations of the world around them is an endless source of creativity.

"Founder's Corner"

Child's Own founder, Wendy Tsao, is a mother herself who fell in love with the creativity of her children. From their doodles and drawings, Wendy put her craft skills to good use and started crafting plush creations of these pictures.

It wasn't long before the concept caught on and hundreds of families were excited to bring their children's (and their own!) creations to life. Wendy grew the Child's Own studio, working with a team of talented artisans who shared her love, care and attention to detail.

Today, Child's Own custom-made Softies are loved and treasured around the world by imaginative kids and the young at heart.

"Inspired by the imaginations of children around the world, we create cuddly and plush Softies that are truly original"

Made with Love

Our studio is a happy, healthy environment that guarantees quality, ethics and safety. We care about making our Softies the best they can be and our studio, equipment and materials meet all global standards.

Creative Collaboration

Child’s Own works with schools, not-for-profit organisations and fundraising programmes to support special projects and collaborations. If you would like to work together, contact our team at