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Princess with a purple dress

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  • on 13 Jul | '2014
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by Kaya, age 8

by Kaya, age 8

I dreamed of a princess
with a purple dress
hair long and brown
beneath a golden crown.
Her dress had a sapphire
large and white and
shining bright.
Set in her crown
and her pointy ears
were emeralds green
sent from the Queen
along with a purple purse
small and light and
shining bright.
I dreamed of the caress
of small white paws,
and soft grey claws.

I dreamed of my princess
with a purple dress.

Kaya, 8 (6)

Kaya, 8 (7)

Kaya, 8

If you did not make it on my 2014 wait list, I hope you find another softie maker to make your child’s softie. Please visit the Softiemaker Showcase to find another craft artist who works with children’s drawings. These talented craftspeople, like me, personally custom make softies for a living, with the love and attention that every softie project deserves.

The Softiemaker Showcase

The Softiemaker Showcase