a little contest for the subscribers

"Droggy" by Nicholas, age 8

I am almost ready to open a new wait list for 2013.   Child’s Own Studio continues to be a learning experience for me, but I like a challenge!  The thousands of emails I received last year had me thinking hard about how to manage the demand.

I will soon be announcing when I am ready to accept names for the wait list 2013.  Subscribers should get an email notification and instructions on how to get on the wait list.  As soon as I reach my quota, I will close the wait list.  And then I will disappear!  (just kidding… but not really. I really will disappear into my studio to make those softies.)

To test the waters, I am launching another contest for my subscribers.  This contest will not be posted on Facebook.  It’s just between you subscribers (and anyone who visits this website in the next 3 days) You have until January 11, 2013 – 18h00 (Pacific time) to leave one comment on this post. (Please do not post more than one comment – cheaters will be removed!)  One commenter will be randomly selected and win a custom softie by me based on a child’s hand-drawn drawing, with shipping included.

That’s it.  No skill-testing questions. Just leave one comment.  It can even be just a smiley face.

good luck!

Wendy Tsao
Vancouver, BC

*update*  I changed the contest closing time to 6 pm from midnight (what was I thinking?  I’m asleep at midnight!)


903 thoughts on “a little contest for the subscribers

  1. You are so darn talented!!! Keep up the AMAZING work bringing kids imaginations to life! LITERALLY!

  2. I’m so excited. I love, love, LOVE your idea and the execution of the childrens drawings.

  3. I stumbled onto your website after my son passed away. I would love for one of his drawings to “come to life” through your creations.

  4. I have to tell you how much I admire your work. I sew myself and I am truely impressed with the thought and craftmanship put into each of your recreations.
    I can’t wait to get on your waiting list!

  5. I love your creations! Thank you for sharing them with your online subscribers. :-)

  6. I am so happy to have found your website. What a precious keepsake for any child. Regardless if I win, I plan on getting my name on your wait list as soon as possible.
    Hope I am chosen! :)

  7. Beautiful work you are doing! I hope I get onto the waiting list when it’s published. Have a fun day!

  8. Seriously, great work!!! Hope to get on a wait list sometime because I believe it is totally worth the wait!!

  9. Im so glad that you are taking orders again! my question is, if I have 4 children, can we order 4 or is it 1 per person, if you are lucky enough to be chosen?
    Thank you

  10. Yay I would really love to win! Your creations are awesome and I have a 7 year old granddaughter! :)

    Mary Ellen

  11. Even if I don’t win, I want to say that my daughter, my mother, and I all really love looking through your photos. It really has opened my eyes and made me look at my little munchkin’s drawings in a different light! Hope you have a great day, and good luck to everyone!

  12. I love this idea and the softies! A wonderful memory brought to life! I really hope we will be able to get one for our son.

  13. My “kids” are now 17 and 18 and they are still very creative types. One is going into film and another into music! I think it would be an awesome idea, and they would really appreciate the surprise, of a 3D character based on each of their drawings from when they were little! Cant wait! :D

  14. I am so excited for the possibility of being a “winner”…the reason my daughter and I contacted you was that my grandson, Alex has been drawing, since the age of 5, pictures and writing stories about a little guy that has even developed into the early stages of a video game that he would like to release….along with a book. How cool it would be that his character would be designed and made by you as we look to the future. You are incredibly talented and I love what and how you use colors and make the drawings come to “life.” Look forward to signing up for your 2013 list!

  15. I think that what you do is beyond amazing and is one of the coolest gifts a child could ever receive!!!!

  16. You create little pieces of happiness -what a special gift to have and even better to share! Your work is beautiful, unique and allows the word to see through a child’s eyes! Thank you! and Thank you for the chance to win!

  17. Good luck and successful prosperous buisness for 2013! It’s like you are running an imagination creation factory! Best wishes from across Canada!

  18. I think what you do is absolutely brilliant!!!!! In a time where everything is electronically and digitized, it’s great to see something as innovative as this that focuses on what is really important…. Imagination

  19. Love your work, Wendy!

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this contest.



  20. My son is 14 months and not really drawing yet but I hope you continue this amazing work for years to come! I can just imagine the look on his face one day to receive a softie of something that was from his imagination! Total magic! Thanks for sharing your talent this way, with so many children!

  21. Great idea! Thank you for doing what you are for kids!! Bringing so much joy! Happy New Year

  22. I love your work. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to do a drawing that could be made into a softie. ☺

  23. I just want you to know that I think the way you turn our children’s imaginations into reality is absolutely magical!

  24. Me! Me! Pick me!

    No seriously, I’ve only recently discovered your site, but wish I’d known about it when my daughter was little. I would have ordered a dozen of these by now!

  25. Thank you for this contest. My daughter would LOVE to see one of her drawings come to “life.”

  26. Awesome idea.
    When we were kids staying with my auntie for some of the holidays, she got us to do drawings from a song … and then framed them and surprised my parents with them for Christmas.

  27. Fingers crossed my boys get the opportunity to win one of your hand made toys. They are awesome ;0)

  28. I love love love what you do. I can’t wait until you open the wait list so I can be one to receive your awesome creation that was designed by my child. :)

  29. Wendy! You are AMAZING at what you do! Such a great idea…hope to get my hands on one of your creations some day! :)

  30. Your work and talent is brilliant! Great success to you and yours!! I wait anxiously and hope to make your waitlist! :)

  31. Signing up for a softie! I have loved observing your work here, Wendy. So happy for your success in being able to live out your dream. :)

  32. I found your most creative artwork on Pininterest and just love it, I have always loved to draw and love my children’s artwork throughout the years and now get to enjoy seeing my granddaughters artwork developing and thought how cool it would be make it come alive and here you are actually creating them!! Awesome just awesome. I look forward to possibly having my daughters or granddaughters artwork come to life in 3 dimension! Looking forward to your announcement!

  33. Oh what a great contest. I have admired your work for a while and can’t wait to have one made from my son’s drawing! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  34. I love all the adorable things you make. My goddaughter is in Switzerland and I don’t get to see her often. I’m really hoping to make it onto your wait list because she loves to draw and a gift like this from her ‘Gotti’ would be something pretty special! :)

  35. I am totally in love with your concept and your execution of the concept. Even if I don’t make the wait list, I will continue to be in awe of what you produce. Cheers!

  36. I love your work sooooooooo much and want one for my son more than I want a holiday :) lol

  37. Happy New Year! What a wonderful idea this is! My kids would love a stuffy that they helped create. Congratulations on your success!!

  38. You do such an awesome job of preserving just a little piece of childhood…and truly make a child’s unique drawing come to life!

  39. Brilliant! My kids want to submit their drawings and were crushed when I told them what it would take!!

  40. Yay! I love your creative talent! You have a true gift of making kids imaginations come to life

  41. What a unique and interesting idea! I love your work…and I hope I win your contest. :-) Either way though, best of luck in the new year. Sincerely.

  42. i am the uncle who always has a conflict with buying my nieces (ages 7 and 1) and nephew (age 4) gifts. i refuse to buy them things that don’t have meaning and don’t make them into better people. that means i am endlessly searching for exactly what you are doing wendy, so i have been eagerly waiting for the 2013 list to appear – to the point where i would be happier to secure 2 slots on that list then to win this one softie :) (the 1 year old is going to have to wait for 2014…when she can draw!). you have created something that has already given me the chance to sit with some kids i love and create some great drawings and great stories behind those drawings. thank you for doing this for all of us.

  43. My mommy said you can make my characters into stuffed toys! Is that true?! I am seven years old and I have written over one hundred stories !

  44. Thank you so much for the opportunity! You do such amazing work and are a very talented artist!

  45. I hope you pick Marybeth for your contest. Her story touched my heart – your gift of creating softies would change her world, not just brighten her day. Please pick her. (I do not know her, I just read her comment). ✨✨✨

  46. Hello from the UK, we love your work, please keep posting the pictures on the blog!

  47. Wow, that’s a very kind offer from you, the hard part would be choosing which child and which drawing to have made, happy new year

  48. Thank you for doing this, you had a great idea and ran with it, you bring happiness to so many with your work. You do a wonderful job bringing these drawings to life.

  49. Your stufties are amazing! The amount you keep to the drawings and the details you are able to sew are so impressive. I cannot wait to try my luck at the wait list for one of my daughter’s pieces if art. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  50. I love your creations and seeing each child’s imagination come to life! What an awesome gift you have and give!

  51. I love, love, love your work. Can’t wait to have our own little version…hopefully in 2013!


  52. A friend showed me your work. Wonderful! Fantastic idea and an obvious talent for executing the work. I hope to get to see it close up!

  53. I have always loved this poem!! This is the first thing that came to mind while reading your message Wendy!
    A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.
    ~author unknown~
    Many blessings to you and your heart felt work in 2013!!

  54. Hello Again Wendy,

    It wasn’t too long ago (within the last month or so) that I posted my first and only comment on your page, until now anyway. Actually, I was wondering about asking you if I might be part of the people who can help you with your wait list orders. Oh sure, I’d enjoy receiving one of your softies, but since my husband has an incurable cancer, I really need to bring in an income while I stay home to care for him.

    I am a former Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (formerly known as Home Economics) and have been sewing for years. You can see some of my “Ribbon Dresses” that I’ve made and have been selling at my website http://www.BellasPretties.com.

    Hopefully you will consider making me a part of your people that help you with your wait list. I would love to make softies to help you complete your orders and bring in an income for my husband and myself besides.

    Please contact me at either Garrison.VJ@gmail.com or Valerie.BellasPretties@gmail.com

    I wish you all the best!
    Valerie J. Garrison

  55. Me me Me me!!Me me!…pleeeeeease my son loves to draw and his Brithday was jan 1st. I was hoping to be able to order one of his drawing by then but sadly you were still full. I would love to see his reaction when he sees it live in his hand :)

  56. Can’t wait. I hope we get picked for the waiting list. The most recent pictures are incredible. Trying not to get too excited, but would love to see my kids drawings become softies.

  57. What an amazing way to use your talent!!!! Children’s creations coming to life is such an amazing gift for them, their confidence and their creativity. It’s so cool to see your amazing gift become so many others!!!!

  58. I love how you make kids feel so special by bringing their drawing to “life” … Hope to be able to share your work with the special little ones in my life.

  59. Wow, that is incredibly generous of you. I was just thinking about your work recently, as I watched my six year old draw another one of her gangly-limbed princesses. It would make a lovely keepsake of her drawings. :D

  60. How great! My sweet boy is still too little to be drawing representationally, but his supercool-almost-five-year-old cousin is not. I would LOVE to see one of her magnificent princess drawings made into a softie.
    I LOVE your work!

  61. I love how you bring these little people’s creations to life, you are truly amazing!!

  62. My 4 years old just drew the most beautiful elephant ever I hope to see it in 3D ;)

  63. I am so excited for your waiting last to open up. I have been waiting for a couple years. Love these softies.

  64. That’s an awesome concept. It’s a great way for children and parents to have keepsakes of their favourite drawings!

  65. I’m so very new to your subscribers, but man am I impressed!

    You have such talent, and I hope your upcoming year finds you as satisfied as the kids who get your creations!

  66. I LOVE your work!! I hope I make it on to your wait list because what you do is amazing!!

  67. Your softies are wonderful! I like seeing how you interpret a drawing to EXACTLY match the child’s creation. :)

  68. Your work is beautiful and I hope to be able to present my son with one of your softies one day!

  69. I imagine your softies as they are squeezed and loved.
    Tremendous skill to transform drawings to life!


  70. OH wow! I am so excited at this possibility to receive a one of kind softie from you! Thank you for this contest, Wendy!

  71. Very excited at the possibility of having one of my daughter’s creations come to life! You have been blessed with an awesome talent and we love your work! :)

  72. I absolutly LOVE your work! I think it is a very special gift to be able to take a flat peice of artwork and change it into something three demintional. I would love to have something of my daughters done so that she can “hug” her creation :)

  73. You’re website is so awesome!!! Pick us and I promise that we will give you something challenging to create.

  74. My daughter has been dreaming up lots of picture ideas and sketching them out on her easel. She’s onto a cat mermaid right now. No matter what it’s going be wonderful!!!

  75. Wahoo and God bless FB for sending me here! These monster/softies are amazing. A. MA. ZING. You have some mad skills, indeed!!

    Bellymonster and the Reds

  76. I am very excited for this contest and the wait list to open up!!!

    My mom would be so surprised!!

  77. How wonderful to take a one dimensional piece of art and transform it into something that, if taken care of through the years, can be passed on to the children of the kids that drew these inspirations that you make into what has to be a “wow” moment for these kids when they see what they drew come to “life” : )

  78. Can’t wait till my daughter starts drawing (now only 8 months old) and to see her “monsters or princesses”. …and from your post to post I admire your creatures, so accuratly made from those amazing drawings.

  79. i must say i love your work! What a great and special idea to preserve children’s work in a stuffed manner! Can’t wait to have one of our own someday of our children’s art!

  80. Love your work, I think it’s such a great idea. How fun to have a child’s imagination actually come to life in a toy. Your work is amazing! My daughter saw your website and now wants to create a special drawing to be made into a stuffed creation :-)

  81. Someone in my office just referred me to your site – and I am amazed. You are very talented, and I hope to get on your waiting list! :)


  82. I am nannying this summer and hope that we make the waitlist so that my kids can do this, they will LOVE it!!!!

  83. I hope I manage to score a slot before my kiddo grows out of the adorably weird drawing stage :)

  84. I would love to get one softe toy made by you before my daughter is too old to want one !

  85. Coolest new website/blog ever!!!!!!! So glad I found out about you. My daughter draws 20-30 creative pictures a day. She saw your work and her eyes lit up, as did mine. Thank you for bringing a child’s imagination to life, for life long memories.

  86. I wish I could do what you do, if only to surprise my girlfriend’s daughter once. Here’s hoping!

  87. I hope I get picked for the waitlist. Do you need an apprentice? I would love to learn to do what you do for children!!

  88. I would love the opportunity to make my sons creations come to life through your work & grow his dream of writing stories & making movies!

  89. I don’t know whether flattery will get me anywhere, but you would make my kid’s year!!

  90. Ok,Seriously……I even braided my hair so that would be crossed as well as my fingers! I adore your work and am so impressed that you have a huge waiting list and then you close the books to create! WOW!
    Thank you for the chance to have you create something of a priceless value!

  91. I absolutely LOVE seeing your creations via this subscription… even if we never make the wait list, the pictures of the life you breathe into children’s art is extraordinary…
    Thanks for sharing the joy, three cheers to you!!

  92. Great. Wish we will be the one. Love you to share all this cuties in the world. Bring all joys to everyone. Thanks.

  93. Wow! You truly are in demand. What a brilliant idea you’ve got here with your softies. I wish you all the luck in the world. And, if ever I’m able, my nephew will be the proud recipient of one of your manifestations of his art work.

  94. You are an inspiration! I will keep my fingers crossed that I make it on the list! My son would be ecstatic!

  95. I always love looking at pictures of your re-creations! Every time they’re incredible.

  96. ooh, would love to win! Hope my son’s scribbles start to resemble things soon so I can get on the list! :)

  97. What a wonderful gift for the start of a new year! Thank you for your generosity!!

  98. I love your creativity!! If I don’t win the contest, I hope to get on the wait list this year!!

  99. Amazing idea! Bringing a child’s artwork to life is magical for a child and a fantastic memory for a parent!

  100. I don’t know which of my daughter’s drawings I would choose – they are so many wonderful ones!

  101. Finding balance and harmony in work and family, for me is the most important factor in life, you only have one life to live, loving what you do is so important! What else is possible?

  102. My kids have been BEGGING for this since we first found you on pinterest. I’m really hoping we make the list. What a fantastic idea!

  103. I love your softies, I’m so pleased you are about to open your waiting list!
    *fingers crossed*

  104. My daughter (8) loves the idea of the possibility of her drawing becoming a “real-life stuffed toy!”.

  105. I can’t wait till my other young children are able to draw. Having this done would be the best keep sake for all my children. I would love to have this done for each child so when they are adults and have children of their own I could pass these down to them. My daughter has so many drawings at the age of 4 I don’t know which one I would choose!

  106. Even if the “random picker” doesn’t pick me, I hope I can get on the waitlist this year. Congratulations on a hugely successful endeavor. Not everyone can make a child’s imagination come to life (so to speak). You’re awesome!

  107. I am so intrigued by this “contest”. And excited, and curious, and eager, and….well you get the idea… :)

  108. I’m so interested in your work. I love to see the translation from 2-d to 3-d.

  109. Your ability to bring these characters to life is amazing! I’m so glad you’re opening up your waitlist!

  110. I think what you do is really awesome. My 9yr old son is Autistic and just learning to draw. I’d love to have his work “come alive” so we could cherish it always. At any rate you are so blessed with this God given talent! :)

  111. Happy New Year! Really looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations evolve from those beautiful drawings. x

  112. I look at my children’s drawings differently now… each time I receive a new one I wonder how it would look as a softy… can’t wait for you to open your wait list.

  113. I love the unique warmth in your softies. Thanks, Wendy, for realizing your amazing passion! Good luck with this years work! I look very much forward to seeing the results.

  114. Oh wow, talk about you snooze you loose…lol, I just woke up and checked my email and wow look how many comments you already have! I also love the work you do, I have kept every drawing my six year old has ever done, would love to surprise her by bringing one her creations to life.

  115. Ill gladly wait another year to get on the list. Your talent is a blessing for many.

  116. I’d just like to say your work is amazing and brilliant. Making kids the artists really is inspiring and let’s them know they have a voice.

  117. my daughter is already designing cupcake girl “for the lady who makes the dolls out of kids pictures”

  118. I get a little burst of excitement everytime you have a new post. I love seeing the way you bring a child’s drawing to life. It is magical (as an observer, that is. I realize that your magic wand is actually an arsenal of fabric, sewing needles and a lot of time and care).

  119. To Granny, aka ” Inky” from Yenny, you will always be young in my heart, softies make you feel like that.

  120. So so excited to have just learned of your work! My son has two drawings done already waiting and hoping to get on the waitlist. Thanks for sharing your gifts!!

  121. I hope to get one of these creations for my 6 year old son before he is too old! :) Fantastic idea. Best of luck in your business.

  122. My husband and myself are simply are amazed by your creations! We can’t wait to one day own one of your softies dreamed up by our daughter! :-)

  123. I love your softies…and my son would be so excited to see his own drawing made I to a stuffed animal! You do amazing work!

  124. My 6 year old daughter from all the way over in Australia says “I would love a toy just like my picture, that would be really nice”. Good luck everyone!

  125. I love getting your emails, you make such amazing toys! I wish I was a kid again so I could get one made :)

  126. Eeeek, I’m super excited for this opportunity and hope i get on the list! My daughter is my little artist and would be over the moon if she were to get a softie created from one of her creations!

  127. I missed my chance on your list because of unexpected expenses. Taking a shot with your contest! Thanks for offering it!

  128. I Love what you do. It is one of those rare concepts which is pure genius by it’s very simplicity. Every piece I have seen you produce is stunning and your talent for interpreting the imagination of a child never fails to leave me feeling a little bit in awe. As much as I would adore seeing my own children’s precious art brought to life, it is no surprise that I’m just one of many deserving souls and I’m certain it’s impossible to satisfy us all. One day soon I sincerely hope to surprise my children with one of your unique creations. Please, please carry on your amazing work!


  130. Hello there!! I know the chance of me being picked is low, and I would freak out if I was, but I really wanted to say that you have helped create smiles on kids faces that many parents won’t forget!


  131. I have a 14month old and an 18year old….. so many pictures! Would LOVE to turn 1 of my 14month olds first drawings into a stuffed creature. Please!

  132. My Daughter: “When you are obsessed with something you draw it over and over again.”

  133. I love your work! Thanks for being almost as awesome as a llama riding a unicorn! :D

  134. Love your designs! One of my daughter’s drawings would look great as a softie crafted by you!

  135. Thank you for this fun contest / give away I love your stuff & I’m very excited!!! :]

  136. Thank you for an opportunity to see my child’s work come to life! Your work is truly amazing.

  137. How wonderful of you to offer this chance! Your work is amazing and I hope to some day have one of your softies made for my daughter.

  138. What a delight it is every time “Child’s Own” posts on FB, you bring a child’s imagination come to life!

  139. FABULOUS!! Love the idea of seeing the artwork my kids have done in a ‘real life’ form :) – such a unique treasure!

  140. I think your work is absolutely amazing. I am not a very creative person, so I admire people such as yourself that can create such beautiful pieces. Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.

  141. I am studying to be a child psychologist at the moment. I use art therapy as a way to communicate with the brilliant and creative minds of littles ones. Your work is phenomenal! I look forward to the day when we can co-create a piece from and for my family! Thank you for what you do!

  142. Your blog has been an inspiration, a comfort, a ray of sunshine, a smile – thank you so much for that!

  143. I have a drawing my daughter made when she was 7 that I would LOVE to see in softy form. Your work is delightful.

  144. Wendy,
    Thanks for all the smiles you have brought. And for not throwing in the towel (or outsourcing your amazing talent) when your work went viral.
    You are truly gifted.

  145. Your work is incredible. I love this original idea of turning a childs’ imagination into reality….. genius! How lucky for someone to receive this wonderful gift. Keep up this wonderful work, and hopefully we’ll make it to your waitlist one day!

  146. A day late and a dollar short when I first witnessed your whimiscal creations. I am a fan…even if just to look :)
    Thank you for what you do.

  147. I am totally excited to hopefully get on your 2013 waiting list for one of your awesome creations. My son is already cranking out potential drawings.

  148. What an amazing talent you have, turning kids artwork into reality. I love this idea,and your work and really hope that my child is able to make your waiting list. Fingers crossed xx

  149. What about the wait list 2014 or 2015? I think my kids will then be old enough for one of those great great softies! ;-)

  150. I discovered your work three years ago when my son was too little to draw, but I shared your amazing work with my blog readers. Now my son is drawing fabulous things and I am so excited that his timing and yours might align!

  151. I. LOVE. YOUR. WORK! I stumbled upon your blog and found myself in awe at the simple genius of what you do. What a brilliant idea to take a child’s imagining and turn it into an heirloom toy that the child can say, “It was my idea!” Beautiful!

  152. Every time I see one of your new softies I smile & laugh with joy. You truly are talented & you must bring simple happiness to those lucky enough to have one of your creations. X

  153. You are amazing!! I can only imagine what it must be like for a child to see their drawing come to life. My son – who is 6 – still worships his stuffed animals and I would love to see him create something from his own imagination. He draws all the time. Thank you for doing what you do!

  154. What a wonderful idea, turning a child’s drawing into a one of a kind toy for him or her! Just stumbled upon this website today. This is such a great personal gift for a little one :)

  155. I love seeing your creations, your work totally amazes me, and it has to be rewarding. Seeing this little guy holding his drawing that, “came to life” so to speak and looking at the smile on his little face, is awesome! Thank you! :)

  156. What a lovely idea, hoping to make the waiting list to see one of my son’s creations brought to life!

  157. Your idea is just amazing. You Make childrens Imagionations come True and Parents faces Smile :) i really think its One of the best Ideas to Make children Happy. Keep up your Work!

  158. We heard about you thru Pinterest and are so excited at the possibility of having the chance to bring our 6 year old son’s drawing to life! We haven’t told him about it so it will be an awesome surprise. Thanks for the chance to make this happen :-)

  159. I think what you do is absolutely amazing and creative. I am so glad I found you on pinterest!

  160. Thank you Wendy for sharing your awesome talent with the rest of us! Hope you have an amazing 2013.

  161. Your website/softies went viral due Pinterest…what a great concept. I applaud you for continuing to try to meet the demand AND stay true to your original concept. I enjoy seeing your work!

  162. Your work is a fabulous tribute to the creativity of our children! Thank you! I do hope we can get on your wait list….we have the perfect moon princess drawing waiting….. :-)

  163. Such a creative idea! Absolutely love it! Hope to get one created!! Thank you for the chance!

  164. Just stumbled across your work by accident but your creations are wonderful, so lovely to make children feel special in such a unique way

  165. Your work is amazing, just blows my mind! I can’t get enough of seeing your creations.

  166. I really admire your work! I think it’s incredible how you capture exactly what a child has drawn. I’ve been waiting a long while in hopes of having you make a ‘vampire alien’ stuffy drawn by my little guy :)

  167. You are changing the way children see the world, showing them that we consider their ideas valuable, clever, meaningful, real. Thanks!

  168. I would love to get one of these made after the drawing a girl i babysit did of her deployed dad.

  169. I think this is amazing. I would love to turn a piece of my daughters artwork into a treasure she could snuggle and keep for years to come! No other better gift then having something from your imagination come to life. I don’t think you can measure how much happiness you bring to children.

  170. Thank you so much, you’re plush art is precious and each as unique as the child who created it. I am in awe of your skill, I am going to tell everyone that I know with children to go to your website and place an order. Thanks again, Ynez

  171. What a beautiful thing you have created. What an amazing following you have. What lucky parents and kids we all are. How are you ever going to pick a winner. Hey, do you put a tag on your softie? You should put a QR code on it so people can scan it and automatically come to your site.

  172. Your ability to transform these children’s drawings into real-life softies is TRULY a gift. I had tears building up as I scrolled through your blog and saw the countless smiles you put on the kiddies faces as they held on tight to THEIR very own softie.

    Such a BRILLIANT concept! :D

    Thank you <3

  173. Was so sad I missed last years wait list. Fingers crossed to get a softie for my little rugrat!

  174. My daughter Noora loves drawing princesses and would be beyond thrilled to see one of her imaginary friends come to life through you and your amazing talent.

  175. Thanks for doing what you do.
    Said on behalf of all us old geezers as well as the young geezers.
    I thoroughly enjoy each “interpretation”.
    Best regards.

  176. This is the most creative and wonderful business idea I’ve seen this year… haha… I mean for many years :)
    Hope I get picked…

  177. My grandchildren love to draw. They would be honored to have one of your creations. !!

  178. A friend gave me the link to your blog after I posted a picture my 4 year old drew of his daddy. I would love to get on the waitlist, but if you pick me I would like to offer it to MaryBeth who commented about losing her son.

  179. My youngest daughter thinks she is the least creative of my children, i think a softie would go a long way in changing her mind…

  180. These are FANTASTIC!! I really like your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Tanya & Bradon (8)

  181. There is something so full of respect for children in your work – I am so drawn to it’s warmth and simplicity – like making an imagining real for a child. Thank you for you work.

  182. I wish I had something clever to add but all I want to say is that I love your work! I’m a huge fan! :)

  183. I really love your work, I hope to have one made one day (or win the first one ;)

  184. Your life choice and talent totally inspire me! I’ve always thought the art posted in the halls of a grade school was fascinating; young children have complete honestly in their art.

  185. I’ve seen your site on my personal wish list for years, and have yet to order cause I haven’t found the right occasion to spend the money – I’d love to win!:)

  186. I would just be extremely excited to make your waiting list, lol! Here’s two smiley faces :D:D

    LOVE your work!

  187. Thanks foe the opportunity. I would put my softies in my classroom so my students could read to it.

  188. Over ten years ago my only granddaughter drew a picture of herself and me
    holding hands and I’ve kept it all these years. Now I think YOU should have it, Wendy! ;)

  189. I love your work! I would love to be chosen. My little guy loves to draw. He has a great imagination. I can only imagine how excited he would be to see one of his creations brought to life!

  190. I have a 23yr old son and now after all these years I have another son who just turned 9months old. Believe it or not I still have drawings/schoolwork/etc from when my older son was little and would LOVE for you to create one of your masterpieces for me! Great idea and awesome work!!

  191. I love your company….it’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in while!

  192. hi! the contest thing is such a nice idea! thank you so much even though i never win these things haha :D

  193. Hello Manifester of Dreams.
    Yay for you and all the joy you’ve brought. If you feeling making a a dude with a flower hand and a claw hand, let me know.

  194. These would also be great presents for grand parents to give their grandchildren a softie of a drawing the child’s parent drew when they were young.

  195. Amazing idea! Super excited to have a softie of our own! What an awesome way to save a memory!!!

  196. Thank you for your creativity – I love your email updates and the wonderful drawings of those you help make their thoughts come alive!

  197. I’m so excited your going to open your wait list soon and I think this contest is a great idea. Hopefully I can get softies made for my little ones!!

  198. I love the premise of your company!!! We are very hopeful that we make it on your production list this year!!!

  199. So exciting!! My 5 yr old has autism and we received our very first artwork from him right before Christmas!! It was a true Christmas gift :). His teacher told us about your website and I knew we had to get it turned into a cute stuffed animal!!

  200. You are living your dharma! You are so talented. I can’t wait to be on your waiting list.

  201. My 10 year old son loves to draw and is very artistic, I and he would be honored to be chosen to have one of his drawings come to life. Please consider us we would cherish it :)

  202. My daughter have been waiting for her chance of getting one of yours( and hers :)) masterpiece since last Christmas ( as 2011) please please please pick me :)

  203. thanks for the fabulous contest! even making it on the wait list would be a win. cannot even put in words what incredible memories you are creating for people!

  204. Wow! Your work is fantastic, I dream of finding my niche and that making people happy. Congratulations to you. Love seeing your posts. Keep them coming.

  205. You have the most amazing concept! I totally want to gift my child with their very own unique plush! :)

  206. It is such an amazing job that you do and I am very excited to get your softies oneday!!

  207. There is NOTHING better than a child’s creation……except for turning it into a reality. Thank you for a chance to win!!!! Your talent is incredible!

  208. I wish you a Happy New Year and a lot of fun.
    It is very kind and generous of you to launch this contest.
    I find your work amazing and I love the way you “translate” the children’s artwork into a 3D softie. I hope to make it on your wait list. The best of course would be to win…
    I wish good luck to every one.

  209. Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now. Thank you for using your talent to help others.

  210. I want to say thank you for making children’s imaginations come to life! What you do is awesome!

  211. What a great idea!! These are adorable!! I’m sitting here thinking of all my childrens’ drawings and how they could be turned into a toy. You are so creative! :)

  212. I want so badly to be on the 2013 waitlist! My brother and his wife are having a baby this year and I have the most hilarious/precious drawing of his (circa 1987) that would make the best softie for their new little babe!

  213. I can’t wait for the mailing list to open up so I can order my wife’s mother’s day gift. Your stuff is amazing!

  214. Absolutely adore the slice of love you bring out of the drawings that come straight from a child’s heart! My daughters and I are simply in awe! Thanks for doing this.

  215. My son drew a picture when he was about three. We call it “The Pie Man”. My wife is an educator of 3 and 4 year old children (she loves kids). My son id now 25. My wife would go crazy if she received a three dimensional representation of that picture when she retires in a year and a half from now. I hope I can get on your wait list


  216. My jaws dropped the first time I stumbled on your website. The world needs more people like you.

  217. I think this is the most creative idea ever. What a wonderful talent as an artist to bring a child’s concept to reality! A true gift!

  218. I ABSOLUTELY love your website and your creativity. My son is only 16 months old and I have a few years to go before he will be able to draw his first character….I cannot wait… I am ready to be on your waiting list…. Even if I have to wait a few years…. It will DEFINATELY be worth the wait. Please keep sending emails, updates and posting your great “one in a million” creations.

  219. Love what you do. Such a cool idea and wonderful keepsake for child and adult alike.

  220. Oh, I hope I make it onto the wait list for 2013!!!! My big kindergartener and I would be so excited!

  221. I just found your site, and better yet, your creative craft product, by way of a Pintrest post on the Facebook page of a friend. I can’t wait to share with my two sisters and neice who have twelve children between them! But most of all, my sister-in-law Doris because she loves crafts and is an amazing mother of three, one of which is Julianna who is 9 yrs. old, my favorite, and who happens to have special needs. It was just this year that Julianna was willing to touch and hold a crayon to the paper. I can’t wait to ask if Julianna has reached the point that we could submit one of her drawings to be crafted! Thank you for your vision and creativity!

  222. Spent a delightful afternoon with my son admiring all of your previous creations. Hope we make it on the waitlist and get the chance to love on one of our own!

  223. This is the best idea ever! I am an “evil step-mom” of three amazing children and I am always looking for ways to savor the memories we have all made. Over the years I always have them journal any special trips or events we have done and I have received so many amazing works of art from the kids. It would be so great to make one into a real soft lovable stuffed creation that could add to all the amazing memories. The only issue would be which drawing to choose??

  224. I love your softie idea! Its so smart and every child will love . This is a great opportunity too. Even if I dont win. Keep up the good work!! Have a blessed 2013.

  225. Masterfully clever and heart touchingly creative. Your art is a testament that humanity still has goodness.

  226. This is great! I have the perfect picture to send that my DD drew. I hope I win! Have a great day!

  227. my 5 yrs old girl keeps drawing our family!!! it would be awesome for her to have it to hug every night !!! and great for me so maybe my husband and i will be able not to lay down on the ground until she falls asleep!!!!

  228. I will admit that when I found out you are from Vancouver BC I was quite excited, second, I was excited that you are Asian (myself being half Asian, I am proud of my ethnicity!) Third, I know that my pastors children would be perfect candidates for this. I truly hope I may win, I have Faith! :)

    Have a wonderful day

    Cheers from a fellow BC’r

  229. YEAY! What an exeptional and bright idea to make these figures. I’ve got hundreds of my kids drawings saved because i love the innocence of these things. Got the most amazing figurethingies to make, so…………….PICK US, PICK US, PICK US, PICK US, PICK US, PICK US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please?)
    Greetings from Belgium!

  230. You weave a sort of magic that brings a little person’s dreams into reality. Thank you!

  231. why not give it a try :) I’m absolutely amazed with your work….greetings from croatia :)

  232. : ) Você é muito talentoso, parabéns.
    É o sonho de toda criança ter a personificação do seu sonho no papel.

  233. I would love one of these for each of my two girls. They are fantastic! Hope to make the wait list – they will be fabulous Christmas gifts!

  234. Olá! Bem, primeiro quero parabenizar pelo lindo trabalho, proporcionar alegria em crianças não tem preço.. Gostaria de dizer que minha filha de 4 anos e meio tinha uma linda boneca chamada Lilica (ela deu o nome), e que era de pano e com as lavadas foi se desfazendo, hoje ela ainda chora por falta da boneca, pois dormiam juntas onde minha filha fosse dormir a “Lilica” também iria, já tentei levar o desenho que ela fez para algumas costureiras, mas sem sucesso não conseguimos fazer! Seria incrivelmente maravilhoso dar este presente a ela.

  235. You: Clever cookie you are. Me: Well I just want a chance to win one or get on your wait list. M x

  236. What an excellent concept! Can’t wait for my kids to see their drawings brought to life!

  237. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year in Welsh)
    what a great new softie, dragons are the best.

    all the best with the wait list :)

  238. Hola!!! Awesome… I like your work. We’re from PuertoRico I follow you all work. I will like to make my logo of PiccoloMondoPR made by my girl… Thanks for making drawing back to life… Jose

    P.s I will like to make a big order of plush. Contact me later. :0)

  239. Mes enfants grandissent tellement vite j’espère avoir celui de mon fils de 5 ans pour 2013 ! Ma fille ne dessine pas encore de formes :) Merci pour cette chance de participer!!

  240. I follow you since the beginning. You are doing an amazing job with bringing the children imaginary to life. I think it is important to them as children and also for us as an adults!. Keep up your wonderful work. I will continue o follow!

  241. I am in total awe of your beautiful creations and would LOVE a softie made of my 5 year olds drawing :) xx
    Cheers, Lys

  242. Magnificent! What an amazing eye for creativity you have. To be able to see the uniqueness of a child’s drawing and to bring it to life; and for the child to recognize their very own creation, that is amazing. A memory to last for a lifetime.

  243. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these! Your work is AMAZING and my daughter would be so excited if she won!!

  244. I have 4 daughters who are ALWAYS drawing. What a joy it would be to see the surprise on their faces when they see one of their drawings come to life!!

  245. Just stumbled upon this and think it is RIDICULOUSLY awesome! I just love the creativity and the fact that no one else in the world has the same toy!! Your work is truly amazing.

  246. Pick me! One of my stepsons is just getting into art and drawing and I think seeing his art come to life would really encourage his interest. He’s all about sports right now so we are trying to round out his interests.

  247. Your art is simply beautiful…I love how you’ve captured the smallest details of the drawings. I can imagine the excited faces of all the little ones…my baby sister would be too happy!!! Cheers to fulfilling your heart’s desire and fulfilling the dreams of so many little ones :)

  248. Phenomenal!!! You have an amazing gift :)
    …with my 4 kids, I’ll have to try for the next 4 years (at least!!) or so to get one for each :)

  249. I love your stuff! It’s so fun. I would love to do this for my 4 year old -she would freak out. :)

  250. Truly amazing work. I enjoyed seeing how you interpreted the drawings AND colors into your choice of materials for the final item.

  251. I’m truly amazed by your gift! I actually want the softie toys(s) for myself. I haven’t been blessed with children yet, but I have an awesome niece & nephew. They always draw the most awesome pictures. I hold these pictures near & dear to my heart. How I would love to have something permanent to capture the memories, innocence & joy of their youth. Pick me!!

  252. I will like to hsve the opportunity to see and touch my son’s art work in your hands….the work you do is just wonderful and poweful when the kids grows…make good memories

  253. Ran into you on Pinterest recently and LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do! Fabulous idea! I would have loved to do this with my own kids, now grown, and may yet since I have saved their drawings but now have a Grandbaby coming so would love to do that when he starts drawing! Anyway! Kudos to you!

  254. Better late than never…I will find my favorite drawing my college bound son did (kept so many) and send it off with him when he leaves this fall…Please, oh please pick me!!

  255. Your creations, as guided by children’s creations, are magical! I would love to turn my son’s art into a stuffie!

  256. What an awesome idea, l am one of those mothers who has saved so many of my kids drawings. (they are now 23 and 24). What a blessing you’ve made your art into a business. Does your son help you? I don’t want to knock anyone off a wait list as my grandbaby Savannah is only 1 and wouldn’t understand her “scribbles” right now I just wanted you to know how truely talented you are and how your touching so many families.

  257. Thank you for being so creative. Your work will continue to make children so very happy! This has by far been the best idea and the best gift for a child. I cannot wait to order and make my 4 year old little girl so happy. I will be sure to record her reaction and send it to you. You need to be in every magazine out there. You are a genius and I appreciate you work and time. Wishing you the best and I’m sure we will see you on many televised interviews :)

  258. I have been following your art for a year or so and am constantly amazed by your genius! I always enjoy seeing the drawing and then the child with his or her final product!

  259. I’m always so pleased when I log into my email account and find one of your newsletters waiting. Thanks so much for the tiny surprises, you brighten my day with your whimsy! Judging from the fact that there are 625 comments before mine, there are more than a few others who feel like I do. Keep those updates coming.
    Happy New Year!

  260. Hi:) I originally wanted to win the contest because I have 3 great kids who are budding artists:) but I read thru some of the comments, and I don’t know how you are picking the winner, but please consider picking the woman who lost her son. I think her name was Mary Beth, I hope I’m right. Her comment is one of the first ones I read and I can only imagine that having a stuffie would be a fabulous gift for her to remember her son. I’m very blessed, and I hope to get on your wait list, but this comment goes to the woman I mentioned. Hope it’s not cheating:)

  261. I have a sweet 11 year old boy with autism that has been drawing the same characters since he was 4 and I would give anything to see one of them come to life for him! Thank you!

  262. What an awesome idea! It had never even crossed my mind to turn one of my daughter’s drawings into a stuffed toy.

  263. Yay! This is the best contest! I hope I win, we have some hilarious imaginative drawings and we would love to see one of them come to life! :)

  264. Just came across these last night after posting my daughters first art that was not “scribbles”. Adorable!

  265. how exciting, how generous…i hope i win!!! i’m an art teacher who has quite the collection of childrens’ drawings, i would love to see one transformed! :)

  266. I just wanted to tell you that I really respect what you do, and I believe it to be VERY noteworthy. I have never heard of a better idea. God bless you!

  267. My granddaughter made a drawing of my cat that died and would love to have one of your creations. Been waiting along time for one to be made and would keeping waiting if it has to be.

  268. What talent you have. Truly a gift to transform what comes from a childs mind. Your children are super lucky as would mine if we had the chance to have one of your art pieces.

  269. words can not describe how incredible, exciting, and new your idea of bringing to life children’s drawings into a softie :) I can’t wait to get the opportunity to be a part of your work and I know my children will treasure their softie more than any other because it will be a part of them :)

  270. I love your craftswomanship! What a wonderful way to bring to life a child’s artwork and imagination. I see that each Child’s Own softie is born from a labor of love. My fingers (and toes) are crossed with the hope we win one :-)

    Wishing you all the best.
    Elsie Chang

  271. Wendy, I absolutely adore the way that u capture each child’s image; it’s their pure innocence brought to life and immortalized. Your attention to detail from each child’s hand-drawn image is the thing that keeps me from going elsewhere for a custom softie. I will be waiting to get onto one of your lists for as long as it takes. I have no doubt that the wait will be well worth it.

  272. Oooh…. how exciting! I adore your creations and love to see each and every post you put up… Thanks for putting up such a great blog and for giving us the chance to be involved :)

  273. These are AMAZING! What a great way to show off kids’ creativity and to turn dreams into realities! :)

  274. my boys are prolific artists. they draw ALL.THE.TIME. i about fainted when i saw this site! so amazing!
    i hope i win…my eldest turns 9 next week…

  275. You have a gift of bringing a child’s imagination to life! I would love to win for my very imaginative 3 year old :)

  276. I really hope I get on the list! I have the funniest owl drawing my child did on my husband’s stomach with permanent marker while he was asleep!

  277. I was just introduced to your site and absolutely love what you’re doing. What a wonderfully creative thing, and so special for the little ones. Great work!

  278. I love receiving your emails. Whenever there is someone sitting near me when I open them up, I make them come and look at the amazing work you do. So simple but so well done. You obviously care that the softies are perfect for their designers!

  279. Your craft is the most unique, original and impressive thing I have come across in a long time. My son makes the most interesting drawings (amoeba-ish, robot, monster stuff) and seeing that you can bring these to life is so entertaining – and something to be cherished! Kudos to you for being so creative!!!

  280. I would love the opportunity to provide a stuff animal from my 4 year old’s drawings.

  281. My children love art and what better way to encourage them to keep envisioning and creating things than to turn an art concept into a real friend to treasure. We would be so honored to win a chance to get a Child’s Own creation.

  282. I love your work, attention to detail, and the idea that you are making so many people happy doing what you love. I’ve been following for a while now and I’m so excited to have the chance to win a softie!!! YIPPPPEEE!!!

  283. I LOVE to draw! If you would make a plush out of my drawing, my heart would burst out of my chest. i love dragons and cats. thank you :) :D

    From her mama: I was shocked to see that a high-school friend’s son was featured on your site with his drawnimal! I can’t wait to see my daughter’s artwork come to life someday.

  284. It would be really cool to have my grade one class make a class mascot all together!

  285. These are sooo adorable! My kids would just flip for one of these. Please oh please pick me as the random comment person :)

  286. What an absolutely brilliant and creative idea it’s so hard to hold onto all those awesome pics your kids draw for you talk about making memories you are truly inspiring thanks for sharing.
    Ps please add me to your wait list I promise to to challenge you with one of my daughters drawings (she is truly out there ) can’t wait to own one of your creations.
    Yours sincerely ruBy powell

  287. Weather I win this contest or not, I’m going to be trying my damnedest to get on that waitlist.

  288. Your creations are wonderful. I can’t wait until my daughter creates her first work of art so we can make it come alive.

  289. I love your work, I am enjoying specially the ones inspired by the little ones. They are fantastic. Priceless!

  290. I love what u do my son would be so happy if he seen one of his drawings turn into life well both of them would I hope I get on that list u do such a great job

  291. Hi I come from New Zealand, and I would love to win this competition for my sister, I love her very much, I thought this could be a really cool present for her.
    Thanks for reading,
    Laura Rogers

  292. “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” (Pablo Picasso)

  293. I love the value you place on children and their artworks by creating softies. It’s exquisite and important work. Congratulations on the concept and execution :)

  294. I have never seen a more creative idea! As a grade one teacher, I see so many masterpieces made by children every day. It is simply amazing that you can make them come to life.

  295. I want to do what you do but could never do as an amazing job as yours so here’s hoping we make it on your waiting list. Love your work!

  296. This is such a lovely concept, I’m really pleased that there are creative and talented people out there; I’m sure that the lucky children who receive one of your creations treasure them forever.

    Best wishes from the UK :)

  297. I would love to get one of these! You are so very talented and was hoping to get one for my daughter’s first birthday!
    Thank you!

  298. I have had a little creature on my refridgerator for years now. I hope I get on the wait list to make him come to life!! :-)

  299. I would be a little scared as to what one of my girl’s drawings brought to life would actually be like…. she currently has a preference for many-legged spiders.

  300. A-ma-zing! You are a very talented person and this is verified by all the people who love, love, love your “re-creations”. Even if I’m not picked I just needed to say that. All the best!

  301. What you do is one of the coolest things ever! i really hope i can make it on the waitlist to have some done for my neices!!!

  302. If MaryBeth’s comment on January 8th (at 7:42) is genuine, I truly believe that her name should be added to your waiting list.

  303. Your creations are awesome. I’ve seen other places that do this sort of thing, but yours are the best, by far !!

  304. I simply love this site!! And I love kids! I have been waiting desperately for your new waitlist to open, since the past two months..I really really want to make it to the wait list, its the least I can do for my kid sister who brings me all the happiness in the world!! Hope I can do my bit for her, my bundle of joy!!

  305. what an amazing idea!!! so beautifully thought out, you truly bring the characters to life! i can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love to see their childhood drawing brought to life!

  306. What a unique and wonderful way to bring a little ones creativity to life and to serve as a reminder later in there life of their childhood dreams & imagination.

    One day I sincerely hope you will be able to turn a drawing from each of my two daughters into magical softies.

    Please keep making and inspiring. You have a wonderful talent.

  307. Wow! This is a unique talent. I am praying that you are able to hire more people so that EVERYBODY can get their child’s unique creation turned into a cute, cuddly. Its like a cartoon coming to life. I would LOVE to have one of these made from my son’s artwork. He’s an adult now but how wonderful to have something created from his artwork.

  308. Wendy,
    No man stands as tall as when he bends down to help a child. Thank you for doing what you do!
    With highest regards,
    Julie Wong

  309. Thank you for sharing your talents; which makes many people happy !!
    You have a gift and many people recognize that gift… You seem to enjoy not only what you do, but you recognize the joy people experience when they get their toy.

  310. Your softies are by far the most unique, adorable creations I have ever seen. They capture the innocence of childhood like no other keepsake. I have truly fallen in love with them.

  311. You are oh so very talented, and I would love to see my son’s creations come to life through you!

  312. Such a nice job you got in there! finally the imagination of every children drawing came true with your help! bessings!

  313. Oh oh oh… Im so excited!!! I want to be in the wait liiiiiissst!!!!! Plis, plis choose meee!! Hahahaha!! Lots of hugs from Barcelona!! Waiting for your instructions!!! ;)

  314. Your hands allowed us to give the most beautiful and unexpected present to our daughter: 3# years after she drew her little “cow-horse”!!! Thank you, Wendy, from Siri and Dofreal

  315. You have such an amazing business. What a gift you give to the people that are lucky enough to receive one of your creations. I hope to be one of those people some day!

  316. What an amazing & totally original way of preserving wonderful & precious drawings by little ones. I would soooooo love to turn one of my sons ‘quirky’ pics into a touchable 3D image.
    Keeping my fingers, toes & eyes crossed :D

  317. I love your art! Someone told me about it today when I took a painting that my daughter painted to be framed! Awesome!

  318. I would love to win.. or be honored to even be on the waitlist. You work is amazing and sheer genius. I know exactly the drawing I’d choose. Thank you for the opportunity to bring my daughter’s vision to life. It’s truly exciting to think about.


  319. i just found this site on pinterest and was literally just talking to my 6-year-old son about how he wanted his made up characters in stuffed animal form the other day!!!

  320. Acho sua ideia uma das mais geniais. Parabéns pelo trabalho. Quem sabe minha filha não será uma contemplada? // I think its one of the most brilliant idea. Congratulations for the work. Maybe my daughter will not be a covered?

  321. What a great idea, making stuffed toys from children’s drawings! I know two fantastic child artists if I win.

  322. Heard about you on the radio. My grandson and I visited your website. He and I were in absolute awe of your gift of creating..
    What a blessing to be so gifted.

  323. I am in L.O.V.E.! My baby boy is graduating this year and I would love to win this softie creation to share and display at his grad party! But, even if my name is not chosen, I must get on the long awaited wait list. Your work is amazing and you are so blessed with such talent from the good Lord above!

  324. Love your work… I’m thinking of giving it a try, any suggestions? I teach preschool and have many drawings to work from.

  325. These are amazing! I wish I could have had something like this when I was a little girl :)

  326. I love these so much. They are adorable. If I don’t win I still hope to get on the wait list. :)

  327. The idea of turning my sons art into his own character is so amazing! His two favorite things art and stuffed animals!! What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  328. These dolls are genius! what you’re doing is so amazing and makes me wish i kept all my childhood drawings. good thing i’m still young and have tons of imagination left! Thank you so much for the opportunity for our drawings to literally come to life!!!

  329. I will show my 9year old this website. She just got her first sewing machine for Christmas and would love to try this idea. I will also show this to parents at the Children’s Hospital. These little ones are such great artists I’d love to see their work come to life.

  330. LOVE your work! My 5 year old daughter loves drawing and would be absolutely thrilled to hold one of her illustrations in her arms! = )

  331. I would love to get one of these one day. No kids in our family, but expect an order as soon as I have a niece or nephew who is old enough to draw!

  332. Oooh, I’m so excited about this. I think your creations are so awesome!!!! I can believe how each softie looks exactly like the drawing. You’re so talented. This is truely an wonderful keepsake for any child. Hope I am chosen. My only trouble would be deciding which of my children to choose first. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  333. You are truly gifted. I look forward to seeing your updates and thoroughly enjoy seeing your work!

  334. Your work is amazing!!! What a wonderful idea to make our children’s imaginations come to life!
    You have such a great talent and thank you for sharing it with us!

  335. I think this is the most incredibly original and thoughtful idea for gift for a child that I have ever seen PERIOD!

  336. While I’m too young to have kids myself, I’d love to get one for my niece. She was born with a hearth disease, but she is strong. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing her running around and showing me her most loved plush animals.

  337. I would love to get on the wait list. My son drew a picture of his father that I think would be priceless. Love your work.

  338. Hello! I am loving this idea, would love to see something my little boy imagined come to life!

  339. This is awesome! My daughter would die to see one of her many drawings turn into a something she can actually hold. LOVE IT!

  340. What an amazing gift you have! My niece would absolutely love to see her drawing come to “life.”

  341. I am in awe over the business that you have created for yourself. You are doing amazing work. Brilliant!

  342. Your site gives me goosebumps!! I would LOVE to do this for my daughter, hope to get picked!

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