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In 2007, when I was contemplating the idea of Child’s Own Studio, I imagined myself as the kid whose drawing was turned into a three-dimensional object, and I knew that it would be a cool feeling, like no other.   When I was working as an architect’s assistant in that other life of mine, it was the same kind of thing, seeing my designs get built.  It’s an amazing feeling – soul satisfying and empowering.   A good kind of power, not the other kind.

I imagine people buy/collect guns for a feeling of power – the other kind – the kind that comes from knowing they can destroy something, bad or good.    I like to think that Child’s Own Studio is at the opposite end of the spectrum of this human condition.

I celebrate children’s art with hand-crafted softies and give young people a sense of the soft, small comforts they can make and of what power they have, with their imagination.  Children need to know this, so they grow up knowing the power of designing, making and crafting all sorts of things for a civilized world.

This is a strange post, but it’s been a challenging month – full of holiday excitement and stress and sorrow.   Today, I will donate 26 Tim Hortons gift cards and home-baked cookies to Covenant House, for the acts of kindness movement in the wake of an unspeakable tragedy.

My shop is now closed for the holidays.  I finished some personal projects, tidied up my studio and it’s now a guest room for my visiting dad.  Please forgive me if I don’t answer your emails in the next few weeks, as I turn my attention to my friends and family.    I wish you a peaceful holiday, and join you in looking forward to a happy new year.

By Amelie, age 7

by Jacob, age 10

by Devon, age 6

by Javinder, age 2

by Christopher, age 4

by Malia, age 6

by Allie, age 6

by Emelina, age 9

by Emilie, age 5

by Veronica, age 7

by Anis, age 7

by Zara, age 5