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The Doll Who Came Alive

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  • on 10 Oct | '2012
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It came today!

an old book I used to read

When I pulled the book out of the padded envelope, I wasn’t immediately hit by a wave of nostalgia and it turns out that I didn’t remember half the story.   I ordered the original edition (1942), while the one I had received when I was five was probably a 1972-73 publication, which may be partly why the book looks somewhat different to me now.  Add the fact that my perspective and attitude are 4 decades older, but still, I did recognize some of the (woodcut?) illustrations and the look of the doll.

Intro by Elizabeth Yates, editor

I remember how the tale began...

I remember the doll getting kidnapped by knights

I remember the love between the girl and her doll

The story was written by a Cornish author named Nellie Sloggett (1851- 1923) under the pen name of Enys Tregarthen.   The writer Edith Yates edited and published her work, and the illustrations were by Nora S. Unwin.   The book and the story itself feel like they are from another era, with expressions and references to children’s games from another time, and when plots were thick with neglected children, mean stepmothers, pixie folk and fairy-tale endings.

I offered to read it to my son, but he looked less than half-interested when he flipped through the pages (“”uh, no thanks”).

I still think it’s kinda neat that this was one of the few books I had when I was young.