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The Other Softiemakers

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  • on 16 Jul | '2012
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When I sat down to make my first soft toy (ever!) based on my son’s self-portrait, I wasn’t thinking that this would become a business that would occupy me full-time five years later.  I also didn’t think that I would be inspiring people in other places around the world to start making and selling these custom stuffed toys based on children’s drawings.

Well, here we are.

My son, who is now almost ten, is somewhat aware of the part he played in sowing the seed of this business.  And without my husband’s support in the last five years as the crucial bread-winner, I would not have made it this far.  This is just to say that life is good, really good, and it’s all thanks to my family.

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver.   These long, hot days you won’t find me in my studio.  I am enjoying the benefits of being my own boss and closing up shop for a while.  Sono in ferie, as they say in Italian.  My family and I are off to spend some time in a tiny village in the Italian Alps.

In the meantime, please check out the work of the following talented softiemakers who also have been busy making softies from children’s drawings.   These independent craft artists have their own businesses and would deal with you directly.  They each have their own pricing, submission guidelines and turnaround.  They are based in Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe and Brazil.  The name of the company is below each picture.

The Little Stuffed Shop


By Henry, age 6

Happy Doodles


By Lauren, age 5

Pinocchio’s Friends


By Abby, age 5

My Own Cuddly


By Kylie, age 6

Happy Softies


By Keegan, age 6

Sunny Little Studio


By Lyra, age 5

Doodlie Softie


By Alyssa, age 10

Drawn To Hold


By Trevor

Stitched By Carolyn


By Brandon, age 7

Once Upon A Drawing


By David, age 12

Hall of Creative Design


By Helena, age 6

Sabutuca Brazil


By Harli, age 8

Clever Inception


By Adrian, age 4

Make Be-Real


by Lili, age 6

 Trapos e Monstros


By Augustin, age 6

Trapos e Monstros

By Franio, age 4

Draw Your Toy

Enjoy your summer!